February 12, 2012

THE MUQADDIMAH (مقدّمة) - An Introduction to HISTORY

Statue of Ibn Khaldun in Tunis 
Who's Ibn Khaldun ???

Wali Al-Din ‘Abd Ar-rahman Ibn Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Ibn Khaldun

Born – may 27, 1332 : Tunis

Death – march 17, 1406 : Cairo

THE GREATEST ARAB HISTORIAN – developed one of the earliest non-religious philosopies of history, contained in his masterpiece : the Muqaddimah (introduction to history).

Also wrote a definitive history of Muslim North Africa, in Kitab al-’ibar.  

He spent four years, ‘’free from all preoccupations’’, & wrote his massive masterpiece the Muqaddimah 
(An Introduction of History).

Including - universal HISTORY, Philosophy of HISTORY, Social sciences of Sociology, Demography, Historiography, Cultural HISTORY and Economics

Also deals with Islamic Theology and Political theory

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