April 17, 2012

I, myself is my own trusted person!

It's been years that i keep searching for someone that i can trust because i knew, i can't keep it by myself forever..it's hurt, more than anything. When i found you guys, this is what i'm trying to say for all time but it didn't comes out from my mouth. 
 "I don't trust people easily. So, when i tell you that i trust you guys, i really meant it" !
Unfortunately, it's just me who felt that way. It's too late for me t realize about it. TOO LATE actually...
I already put everything on both of you, i hope that i will have the saviors after that...I've learnt so much also from this mistake which is done by myself...just myself! 
Am i regret it? I don't know..until today, I still don't know...and i don't wanna know...
Some say...
Really? depends..but overall, i don't believe it..we just guessing what other feels and never knew exactly what's in their heart. NEVER! 
For me, TRUE FRIEND is = Someone who never left you in hard time even though they can't afford to help you! If someone treat you in this way, just let them go...no need to bother by someone who hurt you! 
This is what i called true friend! 
I'm a very loyal friend, i don't easily left my friend behind even though i'm being rough towards them..sarcastic..annoying..whatever..etc...coz that's not how to judge your friends. I'm willing to help anyone if i'm able to do so. I still will do it even if i have to put myself in trouble. That's okay, it's hard to see someone bearing such big burden. I always wanna be someone who can help them. I wish they will be part of me...a Family...but things does not work that way...never...not yet, i guess... hopefully...


It's been almost two months...Ya Allah, gives me more strength to overcome with this challenges that you have given me, I knew i'm being tested...
~ALLAH is my life~

March 28, 2012

The Portuguese ATTACK Malacca

The Portuguese ATTACK Malacca 

In 1509, the King of Portugal sent their first delegation to Malacca with their Captain named Diogo Lopez De Sequeira in order to establish contact with the Sultanate of Malacca. At the same time, also to discover the  unity between the Malay state, the unity between the Malays and the international traders, to study the Malacca navy, and to study whether it is suitable or not to spread Christianity. 

Initially, Sultan Mahmud Syah welcomed their arrival to Malacca. The Portuguese enjoyed all forms of hospitality and were even allowed to do same trade. However, the merchants were not pleased with Portuguese presence especially Indian traders because they heard what the Portuguese had done elsewhere and they feared the worst. Also, the Muslim community convinced the Sultan that the Portuguese should be eliminated. The Portuguese surprised by the sudden attack and several men were taken prisoner, while the other with De Sequeira escaped together with their ships. 

The second delegation was in 1510 from Goa and leads by Concalo Pereira, where they tried to take control of Malacca, but failed. They return back to give report to Alfonso D’ Albuquerque. After that, Albuquerque departed from India for Malacca in April 1511 with the mission to conquer Malacca. They arrived in Malacca in June of 1511 and immediately demanded the rescue of the Portuguese prisoner in the 1509 expedition. Albuquerque starts to attack Malacca city, but failed because of the unity among Malays and Muslim traders that are ready to defend the Malacca. In 1511, another delegation leads by Alfonso D’ Albuquerque came and attacks Malacca with superior force of ships, soldiers, Indian mercenaries. They began with firing their cannon. The Malacca army who lead by Ahmad, Sultan Mahmud’s son was shocked due to unfamiliar thunder of cannon and more, they panicked when the saw the destruction of life and property that the cannonballs caused. The Portuguese attacked the town by concentrating the assault on the bridge of the river which linked the two sections of the town. The attack was successful and the Portuguese finally succeeded in establishing a bridgehead in the town. After a pitched battle in which Malaccan spears and elephants were not able to stand up to Portuguese cannon and muskets, the city finally fell. 

In 15 August 1511, the bridge and town centre was taken after some hard fighting and finally, the town was systematically sacked. The war occurred within two weeks and happened during Sultan Mahmud administration. 

The End ! :> 

February 12, 2012

THE MUQADDIMAH (مقدّمة) - An Introduction to HISTORY

Statue of Ibn Khaldun in Tunis 
Who's Ibn Khaldun ???

Wali Al-Din ‘Abd Ar-rahman Ibn Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Ibn Khaldun

Born – may 27, 1332 : Tunis

Death – march 17, 1406 : Cairo

THE GREATEST ARAB HISTORIAN – developed one of the earliest non-religious philosopies of history, contained in his masterpiece : the Muqaddimah (introduction to history).

Also wrote a definitive history of Muslim North Africa, in Kitab al-’ibar.  

He spent four years, ‘’free from all preoccupations’’, & wrote his massive masterpiece the Muqaddimah 
(An Introduction of History).

Including - universal HISTORY, Philosophy of HISTORY, Social sciences of Sociology, Demography, Historiography, Cultural HISTORY and Economics

Also deals with Islamic Theology and Political theory

January 28, 2012

VrOOmmm A NEW "JOURNEY"... (السفر)

Y do i chose today as the date for me to create a new blog??? curious ke? haha..Coz..

  • My own Birthday
  • The Day I was DUMPED by my-MANGKOK a.k.a My ex-BF lah (jap..2 days after b'day if i'm not mistaken..hurm..)
  • The day tuk panggil KAK LIN (Mak-We Pok Cik & ex-ARABmate ku) tanpa 'kak'..haha 
  • MAIN REASON - lupe password blog lame..mls nk carik
So, konon2 new journey lah ni, padahal x tau nk starting cam ne..hahaha..let's start!

AIN a.k.a My ex-RASOKmate
Happy Birthday to MYSELF! And also to my dear ex-RASOKmate = AIN NADZIRAH OTHMAN! Yang ni name FB dye, kalo nak ADD, silakan. Just call her Ain. No! call her My ex-RASOKmate. Ok! nice!
Both of us was born on da same date but actually there r still many out there also share da same date of birth with us...but I only knew My ex-RASOKmate is one of them! haha...
My ex-RASOKmate said that...(copy from her Facebook)  "I'm juz me. a simple girl living her life the way one should"
 I like the words of  "a simple girl", Coz there's no need to put your in a mess about how u going to live your life! Ask me Y? plezss..hehehe..(kamek nang ngegeh bah). For the meaning, find out yourself k.
''This LIFE is too COMPLICATED!!!''
We can't never expect what tomorrow will be and the PAST can only be a HISTORY right?! My PAK LUT said to my PERASAN BFF, "Expect the unexpected". My Pak Lut absolutely correct coz we dun know what tomorrow will brings to you, me and sape2lah. (Pak Lut ni budak BENL and a good person. p/s this one is for my perasan BFF only!)

NOW..my appreciation to my beloved frends!!! 

Mood - online FB coz tgh cuti... (28 jan 2012, jumaat/friday/jemat)
Notification 1 (Immortalia Atika post on your timeline) ; 

 i bukan x ingt besday u...sumpah sayang i ingat!!!!!!!!i ter....jer,terlupa dah nak hbis bulan 1, sajer wish lmbat2..hahaha..happy besday my dear alex....:)
My reactions - hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha. ok. stop! si Immortalia or NIKITA (name sbg secret agent) ter'SENt awal sehari rupeny but i'm grateful dat she remember me. Siap sumpah2 ag tu. LURVE u so much much much My MENTOR nikita. from : ALEX! :)peace yooo

after 1 minute, Notification 2 (Immortalia Atika post on your timeline, again) :
alamak !!!!i rasa i dah terwish awal lah..hahahaha....sorry....btw smoga hepi lah ye di best day you..:}HAHAHA
Otoke my mentor Nikita..haha..but dat's okay dear.Ii still lurve it and u r always funny in everywhere, everytime..

29 january 2012, saturday(omputeh) / sabtu(sem.malaysia) / sabtu(srwk)

Notification yg ntah ke brp (KEMUNCUP MARINA LESTARI  post on your timeline) ; 

i love you..
hv a sfe journeyyyy...
jge diri tuuu...
smpai bilik u kang pndai la i buat2 terkejut...
and one more thing....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! *lagi bpe mnet je kn??
da tua..da tuaaa.. 
smoge u cepat cket matang..
harap muka je matang, dalam blik haru biru. ahhahahahhaha
bday wish akn bersmbung .. tgk fon.. nak ceramah pnjg2. hahaha. 
muuuuaahhhh!! ♥ ♥

SWEET kn??? hehe..BUT tuan yg wish ni x sweet langsung! kalo x caya check picture dye kt bawah ni haa..if any of u think dat she.. sweet, plezsss CHECK your  eyes! You do have a problem. Seriously!

Cik KEMUNCUP yg Kembang

Wahai Cik Kemuncup, cakap nk ceramah panjang2 tapi dpt 1 je mesej 
Jam 12, saatnya cinderella (sayalah tu) pulang dan kereta menjadi labu,
Jam 12, saatnya ku ucapkan selamat ulang tahun ke 2 _ ...(teka sdiri)  untukmu, 
Happy birthday my dear friend. Love u..xoxoxo..haha
*pssttt..jam i da kol 12.haha 

x panjang poooonnnn! but GUMAWOO my perasan BFF! hahaha...tp kan, apa kate u stop kt "selamat ulang tahun.", hahaha..dat would be AWESOME! haha...muah3x..lurve u too..nol saranghanda ! you're da first who wish for me on my birthday! errr... nikita awal sehari! My hoobae BAYOM lagi awal dr Nikita, about 2 weeks ago..kot..haha..

Kak Lin (My Penolong Kanan)
OK, turn kak lin pulak k.errr..lin..errr..kak lin.. Sedikit ngegeh ye starting dye ni nk wish b'day..cebace kalo x cayer..
Salam, arini befday guru besar kn? hahaha... (ha..dh tau nk tany lg, ngegeh kn? haha...guru besar tu ANA lah). sambung...Wish u the bes hepines ..May all ur present day wil be blessed..Nobody is perfect but we hav to look 4 perfection..Try to be a better person (reminder to myself too hehe)..Krgkn asam jawa di muka anda..Tambahkmanis dlm senyuman hehe
 Guru Besar ni nak wat asssesment c-kit kt Penolong Kanan nih (Kak Lin lh tu)...U mane lah penolong kanan aq ni blaja..sebijik cm guru besar plak tu..lintang pukang je ejaan..ni mesti U kt Gombak kn?! haha...yg Rector dye name LEHA tu kn?! aigooo....haha..tp i akan try utk tdk MEMASAMKAN muke yg mmg sejak azali kelat cam buah pinang nih k..Thanks 4 ur naC-hat!
To My Penolong Kanan - TQ..gumawo..syukran..syukriya..mucas gracias..mak haseh..tuyuk..opss..i lurve u & pless allow me to call u without KAK..ahakss

TOday i slept at 10:06:45 AM and woke up at ....errr....x leh nk type! otoke! I got one messgge ;

IZZAH..Wataniah Gurl

Hpey buday dear..sori xdpt wish awal..dlm kem ..ni pn tyme mkn jap..hope u become better person k..frendshp 4 eva dear..love u..muah! 

I knew that u r busy wif ur WATANIAH, so dun worry dear..Tgk care msg pun tawu. Papepun, thank so much coz u remember the date I was born..haha..nol saranghe!!! 

My Fren from New York also wish me a few hours ago...hehe..She said ;
mOnaaaaaaaaa..!!!hepi bday naaaaa..!!mAy Allah bLess U always..love u..!!hahahaha..plg mLysia lak kU mbeli hadiah atg nEw yOrk ngn kwu ahhh..haha,, — at New York City.
Tuk nang kes perasan! Belukuk nye ge SPAOH, SARAWAK yo..alu tibo2 madah ge NY! haha...berJiran kh NY ngn Bumi Kenyalang?! haha..Mak Haseh IMAYYYYYY!!!!! kamek sayang kitak dik..Bleh x kitak Mberik DABEY / DABAI sbg Hadiah dr NY yo?? Tengok do hamek koh..sob sob sob

MOST IMPORTANT IS - THANKS ALL! I juz dun know how to show my appreciation 4 u guys. Syukran..syukran..syukran..

OK! What about the ONE who DUMPED me?! This is what i felt, from the second day HE left me...
I don't remember exactly that moment 
But One thing for sure
He said he was Sorry 
And I felt
like being hit by a bullet 
my Heart hurt so much 
everything is chaotic 
all of sudden 
tears comes out 
and I just crying 
Crying all night Alone
but when it turns to 3 P.M..err..4 P.M..kot
I wake up no matter what 
I brush my teeth and take shower 
nothing changed 
that's what a BREAKUP is!
I do believe dat everyone have their own method, right??? 
p/s - dapat idea dari lagu Baek ji young (my feveret singer pompuan)

ENDING ; Allah know what da best for us! There is reason for everything!